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Applying to universities

How do I apply?

First and foremost, the information printed in this guide is correct at the time of printing. You must always check in the UAC Guide. There is a section in the front of the guide that explains the application process.

Step 1

Look through and investigate which courses interest you. Do not just rely on the information in the UAC Guides, contact the uni and request that they send you more information.

Step 2

Any courses that you are interested in should be written in the tables on pages 43 and 44. Do not forget to note if there are any special requirements e.g. an interview is required, a test needs to be sat, a portfolio is required etc. Now order them in the preference would like. Have the course that you would most like to be accepted into as your first preference and then down to your last preference. Do not forget to have a couple of safety net courses in there just in case you do not get the UAI that you expect.

Step 3

Ring each uni to ensure that you meet all requirements before putting in your application.

Step 4

Contact the uni to arrange interviews/times for tests etc if this is necessary.

Step 5

If you intend to apply for on campus accommodation, scholarships, or special consideration, you need to do this at the time you apply to UAC NB. Some industry scholarships close earlier in the year so ensure you are aware of deadlines. For more detailed information on this, see the entries in this guide.

Step 6

Contact the UAC Infolines and enter your application. Do not forget to get your receipt number. Write this down in several places as it is very important. 

Step 7

You should check with me that you have done everything.