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Workplace learning

Work experience is a part of the NSW secondary school curriculum and encourages students to spend a planned period of time - usually a week - in a workplace of their choice as a valuable enhancement to their learning in the classroom.

Work experience is relevant to all students of all ability from Year 9 at Guyra Central School.

Job access - Year 9

Students participate in one week of general orientation to the 'World of Work' in Year 9 usually in a local business chosen by the student.  Student observe a variety of work as well as undertake supervised work appropriate for their skill level

Work experience - Year 10 and on

Students in Year 10 have the opportunity to participate in 2 weeks of work experience  - one week in term 1 and the other in Term 4.  This helps students learn what employers expect, what responsibilites people have and what skills and attributes employers are looking for.  Students gain skills related to being at work, find out about training and employment opportunities and fine-tune their school to work planning and career aspirations.

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