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Expected behaviours

Guyra Central School - expected behaviours

Pride, Respect, Responsibility


  • know your students and how they learn
  • know your subject content and how to teach it
  • ensure learning intentions are written on the board
  • be organised and punctual to class
  • have clear and consistent expectations - follow the schools welfare and discipline policy
  • actively supervise all students at all times
  • provide a safe, pisitive, interesting and caring learning environment
  • speak to students and other staff members politely
  • ensure computer usage is specifically class related
  • listen to others and value what is being said
  • present yourself well-dress, manners and personal belongings
  • promote school in a positive way
  • regularly and consistently acknowledge and reward student effort and achievement
  • turn off mobile phone whilst in class.


  • show professionalism¬†
  • be organised and punctual
  • turn off mobile phones on arrival at meetings
  • listen to what is being said. Be informed
  • be courteous when dealing with others
  • value others opinions. Yours is not the only way
  • actively support decisions - even if you disagree
  • do not engage in aside conversations while a discussion is being held
  • welcome and pay attention to the presenter
  • actively participate.


  • know the rules, procedures and expectations and follow them
  • replace others on duty on time and stay on duty for the whole time
  • be fair and consistent
  • actively supervise - move around, be vigilant, deal with issues
  • ensure positive interactions with students (4-1)
  • be considerate and courteous of others
  • follow up issues, complaints and concerns
  • care for the environment and property.


  • model and reinforce appropriate behaviour
  • be prompt
  • supervise your class
  • show respect by listening to the speaker or presentations
  • deal with inappropriate behaviour discreetly
  • pack up and put away after assembly items
  • ensure the emergency exits are kept clear
  • ensure mobile phones are turned off.


  • be welcoming of new and casual staff members
  • sin on each day and check whiteboards for daily events
  • speak to each other with courtesy and respect
  • engage in appropriate discussions
  • maintain a clean and tidy environment by washing up your own mugs, cups, plate, etc. and putting them away
  • ensure students are spoken about positively especially when casuals are present
  • throw out any unwanted food, stuffs regularly
  • laugh and be positive
  • responsibility for hosting morning teas and linches includes cleaning up.¬†